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Do you have questions about enrollment in Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, or Prescription Drug Coverage?

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You can search online for generic Medicare advice, but how do you know if the advice even applies to you? Your situation is unique. Stop searching online and get your questions answered quickly by a licensed agent. Call 888.970.2940 and you’ll get faster, more reliable advice from an agent that is licensed in Michigan and lives in Michigan.

Know Your Options

Did you know many Michiganders have more than 20 different options for Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plans? We are a part of your community and we are very familiar with all the options you have for Medicare.

We Have Answers

Will you have access to your doctor? If you’re out of state for the winter are you still covered? Can you afford your maximum out-of-pocket costs with your resources? As your local Medicare agents, we know that answers to these and other questions really change what options you should consider. Call 888.970.2940 now to get peace of mind that you have the right plan for your needs.

Medicare Solutions

Get Personalized Answers

Get your questions answered, get quotes, and enroll – all over the phone!

Call 888.970.2940 today and speak with one of our independent agents who will walk with you through the complex world of Medicare. We want to make sure that you understand the wide variety of options we offer and select the coverage that leaves you feeling secure. Find out how we can help you by calling today.

Solutions For Everyone

Why choose MediGuide?

We offer a concierge experience that is designed around you and your needs. Our services are 100% free, and there is absolutely no obligation. You have questions about Medicare but are not interested in getting a quote at this time? No problem! You will not get a hard sell from us. Your happiness is our top priority.

Your situation is unique, and not all Medicare solutions are made equal. MediGuide is a truly independent insurance agency. We partner with many of the biggest names in the industry which means our experienced agents can give you access to a wide variety of Medicare and other senior health plans. While we believe we have access to the best solutions for most people, we understand that will not always be the case. If we do not have access to the best solution for you, we will help you connect with someone who does. We will NEVER pressure you to pick a plan that is not right for you.

Our experienced agents are committed to finding you the best plan for your needs – NO MATTER WHAT.